A138: Deaths, DALY and Other related measures are high among Yemeni Breast cancer Women.

Abeer Bawazir1,Amen Bawazir2

1Faculty of Dentistry, Aden University, Aden, Yemen,2College of Public Health and Health Informatics. KSAU-HS, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Presenting date: Monday 2 November
Presenting time: 13.10-14.00


Rate of breast cancer in Yemen is not high as in western countries , UK for example, however, it is the top cancer in Yemeni women. This work is aimed to explore the breast cancer outcomes and burden on Yemeni women and to compare it with other countries using incidence rate, death rate, DALY, YLD and YLL measures


Data from Aden Cancer registry, as reliable registry in Yemen, was used to describe the incidence of the breast cancer cases over 15 years period (1997-2011). For the analysis of the death rates, DALY, YLD and YLL, data were used from the Global Burden of Diseases from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).


Although, the highest ASR peak of breast cancer was shown in females at the age group of 45-49 years (35.1/100,000), around half of the women were died at age of 70 years or more in the year 2010. Using DALY, YLL and YLD in the analysis of the breast cancer outcomes in Yemeni women have shown a peak in the measurement unit at the age-group of 50-54 for DALY and YLL (915.9 and 885.1 per 100,000, respectively) and at the age group of 80 years and more for YLD (43.1 per 100,000). These findings are higher than what was reported in western countries like The United Kingdome where DALY and  YLD of female breast cancer were 722.71 and 395.2 per 100,000, respectively.


Although females with breast cancer in low income countries were suffered from the delay in diagnosis of breast cancer, but also they are suffering from Disability Adjusted Life Years and high rates of premature death.