A community collaborative approach to promote the earlier presentation and diagnosis of cancer


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Becky Whiteman, Peter Handslip, Danielle Taylor

Arden Cancer Network, Coventry, UK


This project seeks o promote the earlier presentation of cancer symptoms in order to facilitate the earlier diagnosis and treatment of the common cancers.

To undertake baseline assessment within PCTs including assessment of one year survival rates, screening uptake, referral rates by practice, Emergency admissions to inform Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the Network approach to this aspect of the Cancer Reform Strategy

Working in areas of high deprivation and high cancer mortality using the Healthy Communities Collaborative approach the project will involve local community trained volunteers and primary care partners with support from local secondary care providers. By reaching out to the disadvantaged within the local community and everyday surroundings, the project seeks to reduce inequalities in people who typically present late with advanced cancer with the aim of presenting earlier and at a potentially curable and more treatable phase of their cancer illness.

The Cancer Awareness Measure will be utilised across the Network, both pre, as a baseline and post the HCC to assess level of change in cancer awareness.