A Digital Health CNS Can Improve Monitoring of Chemotherapy Toxicity and Promote Self Care


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Kerrie Fleming1,Kerrie Fleming1
1Royal Shrewsbury Hospital




The National Cancer Strategy recommends use of digital technology to improve patient self- care. A team at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust have introduced a pilot to improve patient self-care for chemotherapy toxicity monitoring with a digital health CNS.


A pilot is currently open for patients with diagnosis of breast cancer receiving adjuvant chemotherapy using Vitrucare digital platform with a digital health Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). The role of the digital health CNS was defined. Patient enrolment, engagement and satisfaction are recorded.


The digital CNS establishes acceptance for use of the App providing written information and practical demonstration of functionality of the service, training is provided to nurses to ensure patient education is continued during visits to chemotherapy day centre. Patients are able to download the App onto mobile or computer device to access daily tracker functions for monitoring chemotherapy toxicity and mood, ability to secure message the clinical team, 24/7 connection with care coordination telephone line and access to video information. Patients are monitored to ensure daily tracker monitoring. Patients reporting significant toxicity are advised via the App to contact the care coordination team. If contact is not made then an alert is received by the care co-ordination team who contact the patient.

Recruitment to the service increased per month with 79 patients over a 9 month period; acceptance rate is 86% with most common reason for non-acceptance lack of internet connection. Over 2500 patient days’ 1367 daily trackers have been entered.


A digital health CNS can improve chemotherapy toxicity monitoring and improve patient self-care.