CRUK:Manchester Institute’s Drug Discovery Unit’s Focus on Success


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Gemma Hopkins1,Graeme Walker1,Mandy Watson1,Nikki March1,Allan Jordan1,Ian Waddell1,Donald Ogilvie1
1CRUK:Manchester Institute



The Manchester Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) was established in 2009, with the purpose of building upon fundamental biology discoveries made within the CRUK Manchester Institute, the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, The University of Manchester and the wider cancer research community. Integrating medicinal, computational and synthetic chemistry with in vitro and cellular biology, the DDU investigates novel drug discovery targets in an attempt to provide new chemical entities for the treatment of unmet clinical needs in cancer patients. A number of key industrial and academic alliances have already been successfully achieved, driving the progression of the project portfolio, and highlighting the power of growing a strategic relationship between CRUK, academic institutions and biopharmaceutical companies.

In an attempt to continue forging new collaborative opportunities, three focus groups have been created within DDU, focusing on;

  • DNA damage-response
  • Epigenetics
  • Lung cancer

Each focus group will be discussed so as to demonstrate the knowledge/skills and capabilities the DDU can provide i.e. supplying tool compounds, small-scale screening facilities, and/or access to grant funding. Also illustrative examples of successful partnerships will be mentioned, in the hope of encouraging future collaborations with both academia and industry, and cementing a clear pathway forward for cancer focussed translational research.