Developing and implementing a community-based prostate cancer awareness and early detection campaign for hard to reach men


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Roger Wheelwright1
1John Taylor Hospice



Black men are more likely to get prostate cancer (PCa) than men of other ethnicities, will get it at a younger age, and a more aggressive strain of the disease. The high death rate, due to a large extent that in too many cases it is not diagnosed until it has progressed beyond the curable stage. The initiative will target these men, raise awareness of these risks, support decision making with regards to being tested, and self-care, social, emotional and economic wellbeing.


PCUK have funded the project for 18 months, and building upon and developing the initiative with key members of the African-Caribbean community through the Benjamin’s Brothers project at John Taylor Hospice, a concept set-up with the local community, including religious and community leaders, carers and prostate cancer survivors.

Support from consultant oncologists, GP’s as well as a variety of professionals across the CCG.


  • Improved access to advice, knowledge, understanding and support to self-manage their health.
  • Enable men and their families to live longer with PCa, in the community closer to their homes
  • Provide men and their families with a point of contact within the community setting, signpost them to the appropriate services and act as a liaison between multidisciplinary team across secondary, and primary care settings with an aim of early detection and treatment.
  • By providing support and education to the GP’s who monitor these men in the community setting, to enable men to have access to advice and support.

This initiative offers us a new way of working and enhances the way information and support is disseminated through these communities.


We aim to improve advice and support for these men, understand the risks, get 'checked out' and enable those living with PCa to lead as full a life as possible, taking the whole family context into account.