Developing Digital Portfolio Maps to inform researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and the public of the research being conducted within the healthcare providers across the West Midlands


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Ami Salter1,Duncan Buckley1
1NIHR Clinical Research Network West Midlands



The CRN WM and its partner organisations have a duty to ensure there is a balanced portfolio of research studies available to patients and that these studies are monitored and performance managed effectively.

The Portfolio Maps were first introduced in the former Greater Midlands Cancer Research Network. The maps were broken down by disease site and colour coded by study type. Following transition into the CRN WM, feedback indicated that Portfolio Maps were required for each specialty with the ability to identify the healthcare providers participating in the studies and those that were open to new sites.

There are various systems that can be used to obtain information on research studies. Accessibility and awareness of these systems varies which impacts on the ability to monitor and review the local and national Portfolio studies.


An open access NIHR Google site was developed to host the Digital Portfolio Maps providing a central visual hub for accessing study information relating primarily to the West Midlands. The data for the Maps is taken from the Local Portfolio Management System and the Central Portfolio Management System. The Google site was presented at various meetings, with representation from healthcare provider organisations, and feedback was incorporated prior to implementation. The Digital Portfolio Maps were rolled out across the CRN WM and to researchers within the healthcare provider organisations.


The Maps aim to:- Act as a central hub for accessing study information relating primarily to the WM- Provide a visual aid with the ability to filter studies by main and sub specialty, study title, keyword, identification number, Hospital Trust, study type and status.- Support the monitoring and management of research to help ensure there is a balanced Portfolio- Support healthcare provider organisations to aid patient referrals into studies- Encourage collaboration and the sharing of best practice between researchers