E-cigarettes: an evidence update

Ann McNeill1

1King’s College London, London, UK


In August 2015 we published an evidence update on electronic cigarettes covering a variety of issues: usage by adults and adolescents, health beliefs and attitudes, international use and an update of safety scares: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/457102/Ecigarettes_an_evidence_update_A_report_commissioned_by_Public_Health_England_FINAL.pdf . This talk will focus on those areas in the report not covered by the other two speakers in the session. In particular evidence on the use of electronic cigarettes when used in a quit attempt will be presented, covering a Cochrane review published November 2014 and recent studies. In addition, evidence on the impact of electronic cigarettes when used alongside smoking (referred to as ‘dual use') will be discussed, with implications for smokers using electronic cigarettes in this way. Another key concern is uptake of electronic cigarettes by young people and whether this leads to smoking -  recent evidence on this issue will be presented. Finally, the impending changes to the regulatory system for electronic cigarettes, through the European Union Tobacco Products Directive and the medicinal licensing system, will be discussed.