Enhancing patient-centred care: Assessment and management of patients’ unmet needs


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Afaf Girgis1
1University of New South Wales


Patient reported outcomes are increasingly important to providing high quality and targeted patient-centred care. Systematic assessment and management of cancer patients’ unmet needs is an essential component of health care for people with cancer. Over the past two decades or so, psychometrically sound and clinically useful needs assessment tools have been developed and tested. These tools have informed both the prevalence as well as the predictors of unmet need in cancer patient populations as well as their caregivers. Information about the prevalence and types of unmet needs being reported can inform service planning and redesign, as well as patient-centred individual care. This presentation will provide an overview of the prevalence of unmet needs in various cancer patient and caregiver populations and provide examples of how the assessment of unmet needs informs patient care and self-management.