Evaluation of multiple drug resistance in acute leukemia by real time PCR (RT-PCR)


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Eman Mosad1, Rania M Bakry1, Eman Hassan1
1South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut, Egypt


Despite the advances in the cure rate for acute leukemia, approximately 25% of affected patients suffer relapses and drug resistence. OBJECTIVE: To analyze the expression of the MDR-1 and BCRP genes in new cases of acute leukemia via the real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and to determine the correlation between their expression and disease free survival and over all survival .


This study included 100 pateints diagnosed as acute leukemia Thirty AML cases and seventy ALL cases and 40 blood donors as a control .In this study we assessed the expression of messenger RNA for the MDR-1and BCRP genes by RT-PCR .Other myeloid and lymphatic markers were analyzed by flow cytometry


The relation between the study groups with MDR gene , BCRP gene and the control group shows highly significant difference (P<0.000).No significant difference between AML and ALL groups as regards MDR & BCRP .There was a significance difference between BCRP expression in AML , ALL groups (P<0.01). Overall survival in MDR +ve cases of AML and ALL shows no significant difference. Overall survival in BCRP +ve versus BCRP negative cases of AML and ALL groups showed a significant difference (P<0.01).


Expression of the BCRP gene, may be of the new marker for drug resistance and clinical relevance