Increasing public awareness of clinical trials- a research nurse perspective


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Barbara Moore

Wales Cancer Trials Network, Cardiff, UK


Increasing public awareness of clinical trials- a research nurse perspective

Oncology Research Nurses are involved in facilitating information to cancer patients to assist patients to make an informed choice regarding research and that a clinical trial is a treatment option.

To improve cancer treatments and quality of life for future patients it is essential that clinical research is conducted. To fast track cancer care improvements increased research is necessary, as well as increasing patient participation in clinical trials. Increasing public awareness of clinical research could make the patient recruitment process easier for future research.

Initiatives need to be explored and utilised to increase clinical research awareness of the public, health care professionals and patients.

Whilst raising public awareness there is a necessity to address public misconceptions, media sensationalism , to providing information about research safeguards, the necessity of research , the scientific processes involved in clinical research such as randomisation, as well as the publication of results and how such results improve clinical care.

Exciting initiatives will be presented that aim to increase public awareness of clinical research. These include:

o Work in schools

o The Beacon for Public Engagement initiative

o Cancer Research UK Senior Research Nurses and Local Engagement and Development

o Macmillan initiatives

o Increased consumer involvement at all levels of the research process