Introduction: cardiovascular toxicity in paediatric cancer treatment


This session will provide a detailed overview of the challenges faced by practicing paediatric oncologists in balancing the delivery of evidence-based treatment with the risks of long-term cardiovascular toxicity. 1) Overview & mechanisms – Cardiovascular challenges in the treatment of childhood cancer – what do we know and what don’t we know? 2) Monitoring – How should we monitor our patients for cardiovascular toxicity? Biomarkers, imaging or both? 3) Treatment – How should we treat our patients with cardiovascular toxicity? How could we have prevented it? Learning Objectives: 1.State-of-the-art knowledge of the mechanisms underlying the cardiovascular effects of current cancer treatments, the prospects for new mechanisms in novel anti-tumour agents. 2.New insights into the appropriate monitoring of patients for cardiovascular toxicity, incorporating an understanding of the biological events which underlie the biomarker and imaging strategy. 3.A comprehensive review of preventative and treatment strategies to minimize the effects of cardiovascular toxicity.