Introduction: prevention is better than cure’ – cancer chemoprevention in 2015


This session will cover several topical areas in chemoprevention research in 2015. It will draw on examples spanning from ‘bench to bedside’ to highlight emerging areas, as well as a reflecting on lessons learnt and past achievements using the more traditional approaches to chemoprevention studies. This session will delve into what advances in basic science, stratification and mouse-modelling can bring to the therapeutic cancer prevention studies of the future. It will address how epidemiological approaches to prevention studies can be joined up with new opportunities for sequencing cancer genomes and improved preclinical models that better represent premalignant cells, to identify candidate agents and biomarkers for chemoprevention, including repurposed drugs. It will also examine how new strategies for personalised prevention can give rise to more cost-effective and focused approaches to research in chemoprevention that will ultimately bring benefits to patients faster. Learning objectives: •Learn about current research ongoing in the field of therapeutic cancer prevention in the UK and internationally. •Understand how advances in science and technology can complement traditional epidemiology-led prevention studies to identify and develop effective but safe preventive agents. •Learn about emerging gaps and opportunities in therapeutic prevention research.