Introduction – From the genome to the clinic: connecting data for better health


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Sir Alex Markham1 and Julie Clifton2
1University of Leeds, UK; and 2NCRI Consumer Liaison Group, UK

This symposium, jointly hosted by NCIN and the NCRI Informatics Initiative, will look at different means of utilising the increasing quantity of routine and research data available about cancer patients to directly improve outcomes from the disease.


Ontario Cancercare in Canada has made use of the oldest automated cancer registration process in the world and has led international thinking around exploiting linked routine cancer datasets for patient benefit. Eric Holowaty will describe recent developments in the Ontario system. John Parkinson has oversight of the General Practice Research Database, the largest longitudinal international dataset of primary care information and he will consider the potential from the recently completed linkage with the National Cancer Data Repository. Stephen Friend’s presentation will focus on the potential benefits of building models of data sharing, based on integrative genomic approaches, such that knowledge of biological disease can make an impact at the bedside.