Introduction: High precision radiation therapy


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Diana Tait1
1The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Royal College of Radiologists, London, UK


The application of new technologies to radiotherapy planning and treatment delivery has spawned a new generation of treatment options, known by the term 'advanced radiotherapy techniques'. The basis of these is increased geometric and anatomical certainty permitting highly targeted approaches and consequently to lead to potential biological enhancement. This session consists of three outstanding international speakers covering three different aspects of this technical revolution. The session opens with Professor Robert Timmerman giving the George Edelstyn lecture on Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SABR). His presentation will cover the evolution of this technique and its potential settings in clinical practice, particularly its application alongside systemic therapies.

The session will then focus on proton therapy, a technique available in many parts of the world and which is planned to be operational in two UK centres by 2018. Professor Tony Lomax who has worked with protons at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, will share his experiences and his vision for the development of proton therapy.

All precision radiotherapy techniques rely on high quality image guided approaches. Professor Uwe Oelfke, from The Institute of Cancer Research will conclude the session with his thoughts on the development of this approach and the potential for utilising MRI as the imaging technique for monitoring treatment accuracy and permitting adaptive therapies.