Introduction: Lung cancer treatment: We have lift off!


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Marianne Nicolson1
1Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, UK


The lung cancer landscape is changing very quickly with increasing evidence to confirm that ‘lung cancer’ is a generic term for several different tumours, beyond small and non-small cell. There is great commitment from clinicians and scientists to improve treatment outcomes for patients with these common – and commonly lethal – tumours that currently account for more than 20% of all cancer deaths. One of the strengths of lung cancer practice in the UK is the availability of excellent data from all networks giving details on diagnosis, staging, therapy and now comorbidity. Dr Mick Peake, the person who has determinedly driven the system to achieve the quality and completeness of that database, will update us on how he reached this success. LUCADA provides clinicians with an invaluable starting point from which measurable improvements in care can be made and new areas for clinical trials can be identified. Radiotherapy is one of the cornerstones of treatment for lung cancer, and Professor Suresh Sinan is at the forefront of developing and evaluating new techniques for optimising radiation. He will update us on the exciting progress that we hope to be able to deliver in the clinic. Systemic therapy in modern treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer is dependent on being able to interrogate the (often small!) biopsy to determine and then block the pathway to which the tumour may be addicted. Dr Luis Paz-Ares is a leading light in several research projects that have changed practice through demonstrating improved response rates in patients with certain lung cancers, and he will update us oncurrently availableand developing targeted therapies. We look forward to welcoming you to a stimulating session on the modern management of lung cancer.