Introduction: Molecular pathology – the genomic basis of cancer


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Manuel Salto-Tellez1
1Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, UK


In 1999, the then director of the National Cancer Institute, challenged "the scientific community to harness the power of comprehensive molecular analysis technologies to make the classification of tumors vastly more informative." This challenge aimed to change "the basis of tumor classification from morphological to molecular characteristics."(NIH guide, 2008). Almost 20 years down the road, this session will include talks by pathologists who have used high-throughput genomic approaches to create a new taxonomy of cancer based on genomic profiles.

This is a general session aimed to all scientists, pathologists and clinicians with an interest in genomic oncology, and in particular cancers of lung, soft tissue and gastrointestinal origin. In addition, it is tailored for those aiming to apply high-throughput technologies in routine molecular diagnostics.