Is late diagnosis of cancer real and if so what can we do about it?”

Harpal Kumar1

1Cancer Research UK, London, UK


The National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI) was established in 2007, following publication of England's Cancer Reform Strategy that year, to develop a better understanding of the contribution of late diagnosis to the UK's relatively poor cancer survival rates and to develop strategies to address this. A key component of the work of NAEDI over the last 8 years has been to undertake new research, examine international comparisons in finer detail and establish an evidence base for future action. A growing national and international research community, as well as new funding streams, have facilitated and enabled this. This session will explore what has been learnt over the last 8 years, and how this is being translated in to action in the new cancer strategy for England. The session will also challenge the research community to think about the many questions which remain unanswered.