A208: Meeting the social care needs of people affected by cancer in Lincolnshire

David Nelson1,Ros Kane1

1University of Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK

Presenting date: Monday 2 November
Presenting time: 13.10-14.00


People affected by cancer (PABC) can have a range of social care needs at different stages of the patient pathway. Macmillan Cancer Support want to refocus their current social care provision and, (where need is evidenced,) develop new services to better address the social care needs of PABC in Lincolnshire. In order to do this effectively Macmillan want to develop a thorough understanding of the needs of PABC in Lincolnshire to ensure that service developments are acceptable, appropriate and accessible, and in line with the specific requirements of the local population.


Qualitative study utilising in-depth interviews with PABC. Data will be analysed using framework analysis.


Early analysis indicates the importance of social support throughout the cancer journey and beyond. Participants reported a range of practical, emotional and financial needs.


Final findings will be available in late 2015.