Metabolomic characterisation of stem-like glioblastoma cell lines


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Sara Dietz1, Madhu Basetti1, Colin Watts2, John Griffiths1
1Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Research Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom,2Centre for Brain Repair, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom


The biology of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is poorly understood, but there is currently great interest in the metabolomic make-up of this cancer type.


Cell lines derived from human GBM tissue were cultured under serum-free conditions following the Cambridge Protocol, which enriches the culture with tumour competent, self renewing cells. We used 1H NMR to analyse the concentrations of metabolites in cell extracts and cell media for six stem-like GBM cell lines both before and after they had been induced to differentiate by mitogen withdrawal and addition of serum.


Using carbon flux analysis it was possible to determine the differences between the metabolic profiles of the six cell lines tested, and to detect significant changes in their metabolomic profile after cell differentiation.


Our data suggest that myo-inositol, which is present in the stem-like state, is reduced to undetectable levels by differentiation. Also several amino acids show different secretion and consumption patterns in the differentiated state compared with the intial stem-like state.