NHS and industry partnership – an example of successful collaborative work


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Nancy Fernandes da Silva1, Zoe Stamataki1, Gillian Heap1, Angela Ball1
1The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK


The NHS is an attractive partner for Pharma industry because it is one of the largest healthcare systems in the world. In 2011, The Department of Health launched a 10 year strategy for UK Life Sciences to deliver an integrated healthcare economy through partnerships to accelerate healthcare innovation and better patients’ outcomes. In this paper, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust presents the results of building strategic partnerships between the NHS and Pharma Industry in an oncology clinical research setting.


Clinical research study delivery and performance is recorded by the Division of Research within the Trust. Study set up and activity information for partner studies were collected and analysed for five Pharma and two Clinical Research Organisations. Data were analysed by Excel software. Data were recorded in real time and dated from April 2010 to April 2013.


The total number of new commercial studies increased by 25% from 10/11 to 12/13 (61 to 76 new studies). Commercial partnership activity increased by 57% over the same period of time (23 to 36 new studies). Commercial partnership studies represented 47.4% of all commercial studies opened in 12/13. In addition, the early phase trials (I to II) accounted for 42% of total partnership studies for 2012-13. Global firsts in opening clinical trials and patient recruitment were achieved.


In summary, working in close partnership with Pharma industry has increased the Trust’s commercial activity since 2010. The increase in Early Phase activity demonstrates that the Trust can deliver innovative and complex research. The alignment between NHS and Industry enabled The Christie to deliver improvements in study delivery (i.e. study set-up times) and new national bests. In addition, it secures an income stream that will help to deliver an integrated healthcare economy for the UK.