Oncological safety of lipofilling in patients with breast cancer: a meta-analysis and update to clinical practice


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Umar Wazir1,Hannah Headon1,Hiba El Hage Chehade1,Abdul , MD FRCS, 1 and 5. Kasem1,Kefah Mokbel1
1London Breast Institute



Lipofilling is an increasingly popular technique for breast reconstruction following both mastectomy and breast conserving surgery. However, concerns remain over its oncological safety and its effect on cancer recurrence.


A systematic literature review and meta-analysis was carried out. Patients who had undergone mastectomy and patients who had undergone breast conserving surgery (BCS) were looked at separately in order to investigate whether the addition of lipofilling had a significant effect on locoregional recurrence rate.


Eleven studies were used in the analysis yielding a total of 2382 patients. For patients undergoing mastectomy (mean follow up = 36.2 months: range=12-90) or BCS (mean follow up = 30.2 months: range = 12-60) , the addition of lipofilling was not found to significantly affect the locoregional recurrence rate.


This meta-nalysis demonstrates that lipofilling is an oncologically safe procedure to be incorporated into breast reconstruction following either mastectomy or BCS for breast cancer. However a careful oncological follow up is recommended. In the future, more adequately- powered controlled clinical trials are needed in order to fully understand long term outcomes after lipofilling.