B172: Oncology and Haematology Clinical Trials (OHCT) -What is the Role of the Clinical Trial Practitioner (CTP)?

Harriet Jones1,Rachel Todd1,Piranavan Sucindran1,Nicholas Gomm1

1Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation NHS Trust, London, UK

Presenting date: Tuesday 3 November


The OHCT multidisciplinary team (MDT) delivers treatment through clinical trials to patients in a hospital setting. The role of the CTP has been developed in the OHCT since 2012.
Lack of literature shows no clear national definition of the role. It's felt that the role needs to be recognised nationally to fully understand the benefits and limitations.


Questionnaires were completed to express general opinions on the role, its benefits and limitations, and how the team believed the role fit within the OHCT.
Five open ended questions were put to fourteen members of the MDT, including clinical and non-clinical staff.


Results showed general acknowledgement of the seniority and specialist skills of the role, supporting the team and the team lead on a clinical and administrative level. Overlap with other roles and limitations in clinical capacity were identified, but it was recognised that the CTP role is an essential one within the OHCT team.

The role of the CTP also provides a point of progression for more experienced non-clinical team members, retaining high quality staff and providing career opportunities in clinical trials.



It is clear from the results that opinion of the CTP role varies depending on the individual within the MDT, many of our own key questions were reiterated by MDT members.

Defining the role and where its responsibilities coincide with those of other members of the team are clear general points of concern amongst most, including CTPs themselves. The role is seen by many as a senior, and more clinical one utilising leadership qualities of experienced specialist staff.

As the role of the CTP becomes more prevalent both within the OHCT and nationally, it is suggested that a national standard should be set to clearly define the responsibilities and duties required to succeed.