A189: Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) in Cancer Research – the Northern Ireland Model

Margaret Grayson1,Ruth Boyd2

1NI Cancer Research Consumer Forum, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK,2NI Cancer Trials Network, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Presenting date: Monday 2 November
Presenting time: 12.20-13.10


The Strategy for PPI in HSC Research (HSC R&D Division, 2010) endorsed PPI as best practice in research.  Since then, the NI Cancer Trials Centre (NICTC) and Network has formally implemented PPI in its research activities. 

In 2011 the NI Cancer Research Consumer Forum (NICRCF) was established to align with a strategy for PPI in cancer research (NICTC, 2011).  This ‘Forum' is a group of patients and carers affected by cancer, who are enthusiastic advocates for research, who work in partnership with researchers.  They do this work on a totally voluntary basis. 


The ‘Forum' model instigated in NI is designed to provide a visible focus and support for PPI.  The aim is to ensure PPI is accessible for any research that impacts people affected by cancer and to facilitate PPI:

  • across all stages of the research cycle
  • across various research methods
  • without institutional boundaries

The poster will outline the PPI model and activities in detail.


The success of this model in cancer research in Northern Ireland has been demonstrated by the level of involvement the Forum and its members have had over the past 3 years.  This poster presents a summary of the Forum's involvement across:

  • cancer research strategy
  • the design and conduct of cancer research
  • promoting cancer research awareness
  • PPI training
  • Northern Ireland and beyond


The success of the PPI model in Northern Ireland has led to increased PPI in cancer research and increased requests to share learning from this practice.