Progressing radiotherapy-drug combinations towards early phase clinical trials

Anthony Chalmers1

1University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK


The Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations consortium (RaDCom) was established in 2013 by the NCRI Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy working group (CTRad) and CRUK's Centre for Drug Development (CDD), in response to a clear requirement for high quality preclinical data to support the development of radiotherapy (RT) combination trials. RaDCom is a collaborative network of UK-based laboratories working in partnership with industry, CRUK and other funding bodies; it seeks to work with UK-based investigators to develop and deliver preclinical projects evaluating specific RT-drug combinations. The CRUK New Agents Committee Preclinical Combination Grant scheme provides one of the funding options for these studies, with the potential to feed into early phase clinical trials via the ECMC Combinations Alliance. RaDCom members have been working closely with industrial partners to design and deliver studies to evaluate novel agents which may provide a better therapeutic ratio for cancer patients receiving radiotherapy as part of their treatment. We facilitate the coordination of industry interactions, triage new proposals, monitor active projects, and engage with the RT community to promote collaboration and networking (via a capability map). RaDCom also supports CTRad initiatives to overcome other barriers to RT-drug combination advances including working to improve preclinical quality assurance and identifying a route to registration for RT-drug treatments. These activities will place the UK at the forefront of radiotherapy-drug preclinical research and provide a significant incentive for pharmaceutical companies to invest in this area and utilise the RaDCom network.