B189: Research by researchers selected by patients: Research by patients selected by researchers

Ian Lewis1,Anita Howman1,Corinne Squire2,Sue Bevan2,Stephen Thomas1

1Tenovus Cancer Care, Cardiff, Wales, UK,2Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Presenting date: Tuesday 3 November


The Tenovus Cancer Care Innovation Grants funding stream is designed to support research projects that address practical issues faced by cancer patients and their families in Wales. Funding recommendations are made by a panel comprised solely of cancer patients and carers called the Research Advisory Group (RAG) supported by academic peer review.

Whilst the scheme has attracted high quality applications from academics and health and social care professionals there have only ever been a very small number of applications from patients and the public themselves.


Tenovus Cancer Care partnered with the South East Wales Academic Health Sciences Partnership (SEWAHSP) to collect ideas for research projects from cancer patients and carers. Working with the RAG, we designed a survey that asked 1200 cancer patients and carers two questions-

  • What could be improved during your cancer diagnosis, treatment and care?
  • Do you have an idea that could make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer?


We received 183 responses from 102 people. These responses were grouped into themes in a workshop comprised of members of the RAG, SEWAHSP and the Tenovus Cancer Care research team.

The themes were then used to develop the following three research challenges-

  • Providing Responsive Care and information for Patients and Carers
  • Reducing Hospital Time for Cancer patient
  • Improvement in Waiting Times for Cancer patients

Researchers in Wales will now be invited to address these issues as part of a funding scheme called the Health Technology Challenge.


Patients and carers have an integral role to play in both setting the research agenda and selecting high quality projects. The next task is attracting high calibre researchers who want to take on that challenge.