Role of TGF-beta in glioblastoma


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Joan Seoane1
1Vall d'Hebron University Hospital


During the last decades, the TGF pathway has emerged as a therapeutic target againstcancer. However, TGF has a complex role in cancer. During tumour progression TGFbecomes an oncogenic factor inducing proliferation, angiogenesis, invasion, andmetastasis, as well as suppressing the anti-tumoral immune response. The preciseunderstanding of the role of TGF in oncogenesis is required in order to design optimaltherapeutic approaches and select the patient population that may benefit from an anti-TGF therapy. I will present our work related to the role of TGF in glioblastomafocusing on the impact of TGF on the tumour microenvironment. Our works aims atproviding biomarkers of response to TGF signalling inhibitors through theunderstanding of the TGF oncogenic response in glioblastoma.