Service evaluation of a weight management after cancer treatment programme


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Stuart Spear1,Rachel Bracegirdle1,Nicola Peat1
1Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust



The Cancer Strategy (2015-2020) recognises the importance of healthy lifestyle advice and support to aid patients in managing the consequences of treatment and living well, with and beyond cancer.  The “weight management after cancer treatment” programme is open to cancer survivors who have completed radical cancer treatment and are overweight.  The 14 week programme comprises of weekly teaching from dietitians on healthy eating followed by a physical activity (PA) session from physiotherapists consisting of a structured group and individualised exercise program.  

A service evaluation was conducted with the aim to review the effectiveness of the programme in terms of qualitative and quantitative health related outcomes. 


Anthropometric, six minute walk test (6MWT) and self-reported measures including quality of life, health state, fatigue and PA levels, were collected prospectively for participants attending the programme between September 2017 and April 2019. Paired t-test analysis was used to determine statistical difference (P<0.05) between baseline and final measurements.  Data on participant satisfaction was gathered from anonymous questionnaires.


A total of 45 participants completed the weight loss programme with an average of 9 participants attending each programme cycle over the data collection period. Mean weight loss was 4.3Kg (4.6%, p=<0.05). Participants were able to walk on average 52.67 metres further in the 6MWT (p=<0.05) and reported statistically significant (p=<0.05) improvements in fatigue (7.96), health state (8.6%) and PA levels (339 minutes).

More than 90% of participants completing the programme reported improved knowledge of healthy eating and PA, and all made lifestyle changes


 Our data shows that anthropometric outcomes compare favourably to the commonly stated weight loss goal of 5-10% over a 3-6 month period, with significant improvements in fitness, fatigue and PA also demonstrated. The 14 week weight management programme is effective in increasing knowledge and promoting healthy lifestyle changes in cancer survivors.