Smarter surgery for better cancer outcomes


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Dion Morton1
1University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK


Surgical research is entering a new era, and this session will illustrate how partnerships between surgeons and other researchers have improved our understanding of cancer and how to treat it. Talks are aimed at oncologists, surgeons, methodologists and scientists interested in the connections that can be established between surgery and other cancer disciplines.

The first presentation will consider how surgery to remove tumour tissue provides a unique opportunity for biomarker and drug discovery research, with a focus on breast cancer window trials. We will then explore mutually beneficial research partnerships between surgeons and oncologists, such as the use of neoadjuvant treatment to reduce the extent and burden of a surgical procedure. The third talk will review what makes prospective research involving a surgical intervention complex to design and deliver, and how to get around these challenges.

The session will conclude with a discussion about how the surgical community and other cancer disciplines can interact effectively to build future partnerships for research.