The impact of COVID-19 on GPs and Practice Nurses in the UK


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Lindsay MacDonald



The COVID-19 pandemic has presented multiple new challenges for healthcare professionals working in Primary care. To better understand these challenges and how best to support primary care professionals, consultations and ultimately patients, we are conducting a survey of GPs and Practice Nurses


During August and September we’ve been collecting data from 640 GPs and 300 Practices across the UK. The survey was administered by a market research agency who have access to multiple online panels of healthcare professionals. This survey will explore their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in relation to cancer prevention, screening and early diagnosis. We will make comparisons with data collected during 2018 to observe any changes over time. We are also collecting data specifically on the impact of COVID-19, including the impact of COVID-19 on delivery of smoking cessation and weight management advice, how GPs follow up or ‘safety net’ patients who have symptoms, GPs access to and use of Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) for patients with lower GI symptoms and challenges to managing and referring patients with respiratory symptoms



Impact statement

These findings will help identify the impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care and inform development of interventions to support primary healthcare professionals and their patients