Trends in prostate cancer incidence in Setif, Algeria between 1986-2005


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Z. Zaidi1, F. Babouche2, D. Abdellouche3, A. Djema Djazia4, A. Mahnane1, M. Hamdi Cherif1
1Cancer registry of Setif- University Hospital of Setif, Setif, Algeria,2Private Office of Radiology, Health Direction of Setif, Setif, Algeria,3Department of Anatomopathology-University Hospital of Setif, Setif, Algeria,4Constantine Anti-Cancer Center - University hospital of Constantine, Constantine, Algeria


Urological cancers comprise approximately one third of all cancers diagnosed in men worldwide, and prostate cancer is the commonest of these. The global burden of prostate cancer rose from 200 000 new cases each year in 1975 to reach an estimated 700 000 new cases in 2002.

In Algeria, in 2002 prostate cancer was the eleventh most common cancer in men with 466 cases 3.3 %. Our study aimed for adjusting prostate cancer incidence trends over the longest period available 1986-2005 in Setif for the effect of age, sex, and period of diagnosis and the geographical distribution. These datas are compared with standardized rates of Cancer Registries in five continents.


Incidence datas were collected in the period 1986-2005 from the population-based cancer registry of Setif, the software used is the Can Reg 4 from the International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC, Lyon. France. Cancer morphology and topography are coded in accordance of the international classification of diseases for oncology manual (ICD-O, the third edition).


In Setif, Prostate cancer ranked second among male population. Incidence was highest among men 80-82 age group (51.7%) followed by men in 60-64 (30%) and 75-79 (16.3%) age group. The median age at diagnosis was 65-69 age group.

1986-1989       1993-1997       2001-2005

Cases         21                  71                  187

%               2, 5                5, 2                8, 1

ASR          2, 0                 4, 3               7, 2    

Age-adjusted incidence rate increased quickly from 2, 0 per 100,000 men in 1986-1989 to 7, 2 per 100.000 men in 2001-2005.


Prostate cancer is an important public health problem in Algeria, between 1986 and 2005.

It represents 9.5% of all cancers reported in Setif. The results suggest that the prostate cancer ranked second among male population and the age-adjusted incidence rate increased quickly during these two decades.